So... what happened to Archer and Toad? *SPOILERS*

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Were they in on it with Shepherd? All I remember hearing is "We're displacing. You'll be without sniper support for 30 seconds."
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Edited your title to include "spoilers" (even though I imagine everyone here has played the campaign).

Yeah, I've wondered the same. I very much doubt they were with Shepherd - they were TF141 and Shepherd went out of his way to kill them all. Remember the car that picked up Soap and Price? That was being driven by a TF141 guy. He got shot, presumably he's dead, but I don't think Shepherd could have gotten all of them. They were meant to be the best of the best and once they realised what was happening (and they should have realised it very fast if they were the 'best'), then they would have melted away.

As for Archer, he was a fair way away from the house to start with while he was providing sniper support and he wasn't running with you when you're making your way to Shepherd at the end there. Furthermore, after Shepherd kills Roach and Ghost, he makes tells his men to take off. So presumably they get straight back in the helicopters and bugger off, leaving Archer very much alive.

I can't remember Toad though - was he a sniper in that mission as well?
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Toad was the little fella, Mushroom for a head, friends with that fat Italian Plumber!! (Bought the missus a Wii so I could get more MW2 time, best £100 I ever spent!!:D)

It's a fair point about Archer, wonder if he'll make a re-appearence with Soap, Price and Nikolai in MW3 (if it happens). Could do with a decent size TF141, just a shame Ghost was wasted.

Re-played through the Campaign recently when dis-connected by the phone company cut off my broadband. I'd actually forgotten how good the story really is. Better than most hollywood "blockbusters". MW movie perhaps??
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CoD4:MW would make a wicked movie imo - just by itself. Really great story, self contained, powerful emotionally and gives a no %*$& version of a modern war.

I'd LOVE to see some leftovers from TF141 in MW3. That would be a seriously wicked gaming moment - if you think you're about to die or one of your main characters is about to die/has a gun to his head and then the two guys right in front of you get wasted by sniper fire - first one gets taken with a headshot and goes flying, then second one has half a second to react and turn before getting a high calibre round through the neck and going flying as well. Then Archer comes over the comm and says something to the effect of "thought I'd find you here, miss me?".
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Archer and Toad were both snipers. There were 2 guys providing support on that mission.
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